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Online blackjack

Blackjack is perhaps the only casino game where luck and skills emerge so tightly that even one wrong or correct decision can change the outcome dramatically. Having so many variable rules makes blackjack in New Zealand online casinos an alluring choice for many players. Most blackjack games are affordable for almost everyone because each hand tends to cost $1; at the same time, high rollers would also find many suitable high-stake tables. In other words, online casino blackjack provides both a relaxing and thrilling experience, depending on the player's needs and preferences. To find reliable online casinos with a proper assortment of real money blackjack games, NZ players are advised to read our reviews that contain only unbiased analysis and up-to-date information.


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Online blackjack rules

Basically, online blackjack as well as many other online casino games is based on traditional games of 21 with only slight differences. The object of any blackjack game is to beat the dealer by collecting a card hand that would total higher than dealer's hand (but not in excess of 21). A typical blackjack table has one or more marked betting areas on which a player should place chips within the established table limits. There are also very brief rules inscribed on each table, for example, Dealer Must Stand On All 17s. Detailed rules are usually available inside the game on a dedicated window or help page, etc.

In every online blackjack in NZ, each card is assigned a specific value. All numeric cards have a score that corresponds to their face values, e. g. a two (a card suit is not essential in a normal online blackjack) holds 2 points.

Basically, each online blackjack game is grounded on a long-established set of classic rules, with only some minor modifications represented in a specific game. But these subtle rule alterations do have a strong impact on player's actions and overall take on the online blackjack basic strategy. The first step is to place a bet by clicking on related chips. The game software then handles cards to the player and to the opposite party known as dealer. Each party receives two initial cards (one of the dealer's cards is not turned over).

A player is the first to take action unless the two initial cards create a natural blackjack in which case the player wins 3:2 (for example, betting $10, he would grab $25). Buttons on the screen mark the actions that can be taken. These include taking an additional card (Hit), end the turn (Stand), double the wager (Double Down) and also a few other actions that are available only at specific game situations (Split, Surrender). A round ends immediately if the player exceeds the score of 21 when taking cards, and the player's wager is given to the house. If the player keeps below 21, it is now the dealer's turn to make a gaming decision.

Dealer's decisions in blackjack online

Once the player is finished, the dealer begins acting according to a clean-cut pattern that cannot be altered. The way the dealer acts is clearly envisaged in the rules of a specific casino blackjack table. Basically, the online blackjack dealer has two actions to choose from: Hit or Stand. And here, the blackjack rules are quite straightforward: the dealer usually hits on all hands equal to and below 17. To be exact, soft 17. In blackjack lingo, a soft 17 means a hand that always has an ace and another card. However, in many blackjack variations, the dealer stands on all 17s. All other actions pertinent to the player cannot be performed by the dealer.

Winning real money in online casino blackjack

A discriminating reader might have already noted there are two outcomes in real money blackjack that lead to winnings. The first is to get a blackjack hand at the very start of a card deal (a natural blackjack). In this scenario, the player is awarded 3:2, unless the dealer also has blackjack, which is a push (tie). There are a few blackjack games with different payouts, for example, in Double Exposure Blackjack (Microgaming, etc.), all dealer's cards are exposed, which gives a player more breathing space, but this is offset with a 1:1 payout when you land a natural. All other wins in an online blackjack for real money pay 1 to 1.

To understand how much you can win over a long haul, it is advisable that you know the house/player edge on the specific game version you are about to play and understand the factors that build up that edge. As a general rule, most blackjack games boast of very high player advantage that commonly ranges between 98% and 99.5%. Differences across the versions can be attributed to lots of slight modifications in each game. Even the tiniest little change in rules can add to or reduce an edge in favor of the house or player.

As a good example, games with a single deck are in fact more beneficial for players as they give a +0.48% surplus to player edge. Allowing to draw to split aces gives a +0.21% effect, while late surrender against ten gives a +0.07% raise. The implication to the above is that you should try and choose real money online blackjack with the most beneficial rules reading that blackjack pays 3 to 2, double down is permitted on any two cards, etc.

How to play blackjack: strategies and tips

Every blackjack game has a dedicated basic strategy that gives a clue to some important points: when to hit, stand and make other game-related actions. An online blackjack strategy is usually executed as a table with the X axis standing for dealer's upcard and the Y axis showing player's hand total score. For each combination, there is a specific action that a player needs to perform in order to maximize his winning chances.

For example, if your hand totals 17+, you should always stand regardless of the dealer's visible card; actually, this is an intuitive solution that most players would come to without knowing the online blackjack strategy. But what about some unobvious situations? For example, what to do next if you have a soft 18 and the dealer's first card is nine. The answer is "Hit" (effective for a classic blackjack game). That example reveals the importance of applying a blackjack basic strategy when you play any variation of this simple but intricate game in an online casino.

In this regard, the most common and practical tips when playing classic blackjack are:

  • Be sure to hit when your hand totals 8 or 5
  • Always stand when your hand is 17 through 20
  • Always split 2 eights and a pair of aces in the hand
  • Always stand having an ace and eight, nine or ten.

An ultimate piece of advice related to all online blackjack games is to know perfectly the rules of a specific blackjack that you are about to play. Failure to be aware of even minor rules would entail deterioration of your winning chances.

Online blackjack card counting

A mathematical approach, namely card counting, does not work in any blackjack version played online. The reason is evident: the game software re-shuffles the virtual decks after each round, which makes card counting a fruitless mission.

Best online blackjack games for NZ players

Players from New Zealand are offered a vast range of online blackjack titles that are fun and have a very high expected return for the player. The most popular games, which are found in our recommended and most trustworthy blackjack online casinos are Classic Blackjack from Playtech, High Streak European Blackjack (Microgaming), Blackjack Surrender (Playtech), Pontoon (produced by many casino game providers) and all European Blackjack versions.

Some of the best online blackjack games have bonus rewards that add to the classic 3:2 and 1:1 payouts. For example, there is a Super 7 variation (Betsoft) with an optional side bet that gives ground to some hefty prizes, like 3:1 if getting the first card as seven or a fantastic 500:1 for landing 3 sevens.

Spanish 21 powered by Microgaming is another blackjack with a few bonus payouts available to NZ casino visitors. To play blackjack online for real money properly, one needs to alter their strategy slightly since Spanish 21 is played with no tens included. Yet it offers several unique bonus payouts, like 3:1 for getting blackjack with 3 sevens of spades or 50:1 when the player has 3 sevens and the dealer has another one.

Generally, finding a traditional or exotic blackjack table is not an issue for New Zealand players who would read online blackjack reviews on this website, which are in-depth, impartial and full of practical details.


Playing blackjack is a walk in the park if you know the rules from A to Z and familiarize yourself with the optimal strategy for the chosen blackjack online game. Just make sure you make the right decisions on each hand. Nobody in the game hurries you to hit or stand with your cards; you can just take your time and make a weighted decision. Blackjack in NZ online casinos comes with numerous versions that vary in details but often stem from an identical set of rules. High rollers should look out for the words "VIP" or "High Stakes" in blackjack titles as these normally have high bet limits, at $500+ per hand. To make your gaming experience more enjoyable, try online blackjack with side bets.

Online blackjack FAQ

1️⃣ Can I play online blackjack for real money?

Yes you can. Players who have signed up in an online casino can bet and win real money in online blackjack.

2️⃣ Is blackjack online legal in New Zealand?

There are no legal restrictions or any bans whatever for playing online blackjack in New Zealand.

3️⃣ Is online blackjack rigged?

Blackjack software developed by Playtech, RTG, Microgaming, Amaya and other top-notch companies available in our approved casinos is subject to routine testing and quality certification to ensure they are not compromised. Long-standing and trusted online casinos have only fair blackjack games.

4️⃣ Is it easy to win in online blackjack?

Winning in blackjack is not an issue if you know the rules and stick to what is known as an optimal strategy. Blackjack games are not uniform as there are many dozen variations that have minor or major influence on how to act in a certain gaming situation (Hit, Stand, Double Down, etc.). If you know exactly what to do with your current card hand, chances are you are going to maximize your odds. A typical payout for natural blackjack is 3:2.

5️⃣ What is the most popular type of online blackjack?

Blackjack online casinos in New Zealand offer many variations of the game, with the most popular being Live Blackjack, European Blackjack, and American Blackjack.

6️⃣ What is the best casino to play online blackjack?

Online casinos of today have a vast assortment of online blackjack games. To avoid distress playing in a random casino and have the best casino experience, we encourage you to examine our reviews and select the venue which is best suited to your preferences.