ELK Studios Pokies

ELK Studios Pokies

Pushing the boundaries of online casino games, ELK Studios casinos in New Zealand offer a fairly small yet very impressive collection of video pokies from the Swedish game studio. Their real money games stand on par with the best creations in the igaming industry as they are full of fresh ideas, elegant graphics and never-before-seen features that can trigger again and again during one paid spin. The provider has introduced many unique mechanics and bonuses into the gaming arena, including a wonderful X-iter tool integrated into many ELK Studios pokies.

Players should have tried a famous Bonus Buy feature available in some games out there, but a game-specific X-iter tool can be treated as its advanced and enhanced version. It allows a player to jump into the action picking their favorite game scenario for a certain price, and there is no need to activate that bonus mode times again. Once picked, it will get running until switched off by the player. For example, in a pinball-styled Bompers, a player may purchase five X-iter modes at x25 to x300 bet (in NZ$, AU$, bitcoin, etc.), each coming with unique bonuses, like symbol drops, more bompers, mystery bombs, etc. Other top games based on this innovative model are Nitropolis (two parts) and Cluster Slide.

Betting strategies in ELK Studios pokies

Every game in the ELK Studios collection has a useful add-on allowing a user to pick one of four betting patterns that modify a bet level automatically based on the results of the last spin. The four betting strategies offered in ELK Studios games are:

  • Booster: the bet is raised by 1 level after a no-win spin
  • Leveller: the bet is increased by 2 in case of five consecutive no-win spins
  • Optimizer: the bet is modified synchronously with any shifts in the player’s balance
  • Jumper: the best is raised by 1 after a winning spin

When you play the best ELK Studios slots using any of the four predefined betting strategies, chances are to streamline payouts and maximize the winning odds.

The best ELK Studio pokies

Every online casino fan visiting their favorite gambling site on a desktop or mobile device will be favorably impressed with the variety of themes and outside-the-box new bonus solutions. Some of the most preferred choices by NZ players include:

  • Platooners: an appealing 5-reel pokie with real action scenes, hand grenades, machine guns and huge coin wins up to x2500 bet
  • Micro Knights: an amazing 7×7 video pokie with cluster wins, super-sized symbols, extra wilds and special “charged” symbols. Bet levels are NZ$0.2 to NZ$100 and the max win is NZ$250,000
  • Visitors: a popular cow abduction-themed pokie found in many ELK Studios casinos. A player who joins forces against UFOs will get multiplier respins, sticky wilds, expanding symbols and tons of extraterrestrial wins of up to x10,000 bet

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