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Roulette online has been entertaining fans of this game since the dawn of online casinos. The first editions of that enticing game were produced by Microgaming back in 2002. As technologies were evolving, more sophisticated and eye-catching games were created by casino software companies and presently players from New Zealand may enjoy many dozens of roulette tables that are able to keep people enticed and wanting more. Online roulette actually has the same rules and winning odds as their land-based cousins but playing at the comfort of their homes, roulette aficionados can set the pace of play by themselves and relish the winnings. Sophistication, enjoyment and real classic atmosphere of the fabulous parlor game are the bywords of online roulette, no matter if you choose a version with one or two zero slots.

Before playing any roulette game, it is advisable that a player study payouts, odds and bet types. By doing so, a player will realize clearly his chances and avoid too risky betting. For example, Straight Up bets are very profitable (35 to 1) but a player has very low chances of landing a win.

Smart guys have been masterminding different "winning" strategies since the very inception of roulette a few centuries ago. There are progressive and non-progressive betting systems, all of which are based on specific bet patterns. But the main principal disadvantage that casts a long shadow on all strategies is their failure to be effective over a medium-term horizon. This is because every roulette wheel has one or two zero slots. Anyway, there are a few strategies reviewed on this website, which you can test to try out their efficiency.


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Basics of playing roulette online in New Zealand casinos

The first important step is to locate the right online casino that provides quality experience to roulette fans. With that purpose, read our unbiased casino reviews and pick the destination that suits you best. The second step is to choose a roulette version from three major types: European, American and French roulette. Beginners are recommended to try European roulette first because they have lower house edge and are thus more beneficial for the player.

Each game has a set of standard elements:

  • Roulette wheel that replicates a real-life wheel and the original sequence of numbers. All roulette software providers keep to that numbering pattern. Note that American and European roulette versions have different sequence of numbers
  • Virtual table grid with interactive properties. The table looks exactly how it is constructed for offline casinos. It has the same positioning of numbers and other bet areas. A player interacts with the table by placing chips on its spaces. Some games also add extra features to the table, like highlighting min/max bets when a certain space is hovered, or greying all related numbers when an outside bet area is hovered
  • Casino chip rack. Chip values are determined by table limits pertinent to the game and usually start at $1 (or in bitcoin equivalent if the online casino accepts Bitcoin)
  • Interface control buttons for changing a bet size, repeating the previous bet or clearing all chips from the table. This is where games differ dramatically across providers. Also note that a mobile casino is played on a smaller screen, therefore many design features of roulette online are different.

An NZ player may hold back on placing bets because there is no fixed time between spins and this is a strong advantage of all online roulette games. Note that each table has certain minimum and maximum limits, which are normally marked on the table or found inside game rules. There are many titles for high rollers which normally have the words VIP, High Roller, High Stakes, etc. in the title and they can be extremely beneficial if you play them for real money.

Winning odds in different online roulette versions

European and French roulette online layouts are known to have 37 numbers each, including a zero slot. This means that 1/37 of all bets go in favor of the house if the ball stops on "0". As for any American roulette, it features 0 and 00 pockets, and this means 2/38 of bets is casino profits. In percentage values, European and American online roulette tables have the house advantage of 2.70% and 5.24%, accordingly. The implication to the above points is that a player would rather select any European table because of its increased winning probabilities.

As for mathematical probabilities in terms of different bet options, they are nearly the same across the three main types of roulette. For example, a simple chance bet (red/black) provides 48.60% (European) and 47.40% (American roulette) odds.

Online casino roulette payouts

When the ball stops bouncing and the winning number is finally determined, a New Zealand player may win or lose depending on his bet on that round. The lowest payouts (1 to 1) are for red/black, even/odd and low/high outside bets. If betting $10, a player will receive $20 ($10 the original bet and $10 as winnings). In this case, one single bet covers 18 numbers at a time.

The other two bets, Columns and Dozens, pay off 2 to 1. Understanding roulette payouts is easy. Generally, the logic behind all payouts is the following: the more slots are involved in a single bet, the lower payouts. If you bet, for example, on the first dozen, your bet will cover 12 numbers, so the resulting return will be higher as compared to a simple chance bet.

You can wager real money on specific numbers and their groups. These are known as inside bets because betting areas are positioned inside the numbered area. There are more than five possible types of inside bets, with the most profitable being Straight Up where only one number is covered. Straight Up wins way less often but it offers the top award in roulette, 35 to 1. Note that nearly every game has a Help page inside and that page contains all bets and related payouts.

European and French online roulette

Both versions have a single-zero formation but the key difference between them is the mutual location of major elements, like the wheel. Another thing is that bets in French roulette are marked in French, which can confuse new players at first: Impair for Odd, Manque for 1-18, etc. However, all relevant names that are crucial for understanding bet patterns are dubbed in English.

Some European and all French tables have "call bets" that are also an option not to be overlooked by avid players. Call bets are unique because the numbers consistent with a specific bet are combined on the basis of their location (mutual proximity) on the wheel, not the table. There are four main types of call bets (also known as "announced bets") such as The Orphans and Zero Game (in French roulette, they bear French names).

Some French Roulette tables are played with La Partage and En Prison rules in place. They reduce a house edge to 1.35% for all even-money bets. These extra minor rules are infrequent these days but some French tables do have them.

Unique online casino roulette variations

Experienced NZ players know that more than 90% of all roulette games look identical and this is because roulette rules are actually fixed. So providers variegate their roulette games in what relates to graphics, angle of view of the table, table felt color, bet sizes, chip denominations and other non-essential aspects; however, there are a few games with a bonus. They are unlike no other and make a difference.

For example, there is Roulette Royale (Microgaming) with a progressive jackpot. This is not a very popular game because the game takes a mandatory $1 side bet in addition to the main bet, and few punters like this development, especially when they play for real money. Though the progressive is hit when five identical numbers land in a row, players can also grab cash if 3 or 4 numbers come in succession.

Multi Wheel Roulette is another game from that provider. It is built on standard European table rules but features eight reels set spinning at a time. A bet is common for all 8 wheels but outcomes are different because the wheel spin independently of each other.

Players who like diversity and unusual roulette experience are encouraged to play Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt roulette online. Most of them look alike but there are a few interesting concepts and takes implemented in some of their online roulette tables.

Online Roulette FAQ

⭐ Can I play online roulette for real money?

You can place real-money bets in any online casino roulette. The only requirement is to sign up at a casino and deposit funds to your account.

⭐ Is roulette online legal in New Zealand?

Yes, online roulette is legal in New Zealand.

⭐ How to win in roulette online?

The aim of roulette is to predict correctly on which pocket the ball will land in the round that follows. If you place a bet on the table area that will cover the winning number, your bet is considered to have won, too. The size of winning depends on the bet type you have chosen and varies between 1:1 and 35:1. Note that betting on many numbers at a time provides higher chances of winning.

⭐ Is online roulette fair?

Yes, online roulette is fair. Licensed and legit online casinos use game software that is checked by independent auditing companies which verify accuracy and randomness of all games including roulette online. Just ensure to have selected a well-trusted casino such as:

⭐ How do American and European roulette differ?

The first major difference is that European roulette features a single zero slot, while its American variation has two zero slots (0 and 00). This affects a player’s advantage which is higher in European roulette (2.7% against 5.26% in American tables). There are also two minor distinctions between the roulette types: the number order on the roulette wheel and the general look of the table grid.

⭐ What is the best online casino to play roulette?

Many online casinos have a good selection of roulette tables that are open for New Zealand players. To locate the best site where you can play any type of roulette, just make a pick from this short list of recommended online casinos: