Plinko Games for Real Money in New Zealand Online Casinos

Plinko Games for Real Money in New Zealand Online Casinos

TV game shows have been a major disruptor in the online gambling industry. Game providers are now releasing titles that draw inspiration from these shows to offer a different player experience. Plinko is one of these games, and its popularity among New Zealand players is rising. This game comprises a board with pegs and a ball that is fed at the top of the board. The ball will then drop through the pegs and settle at the bottom of the board, where there are several slots with different multipliers. 

Kiwis can find Plinko in New Zealand online casinos and enjoy different game versions. That includes Plinko titles from BGaming and Spribe. These versions offer varying volatility levels, betting options, and, of course, the chance to bag big wins. You can choose a preferred New Zealand online casino from our list below and enjoy this exciting game. This page also explores everything you need about how to play Plinko online. 

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821Bit21Bit Review200 FS welcome offer
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9Rolling SlotsRolling Slots ReviewGet NZ$500 + 200FS
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10RocketRocket ReviewUp to NZ$1000 + 150FS
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11Lucky DreamsLucky Dreams ReviewGer $4000 + 300FS
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12Ricky Ricky ReviewUp to NZ$1000 + 120 FS
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13BizzoBizzo ReviewClaim up to NZ$400 on your first two deposits!
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What is Plinko?

A ball sliding down, bumping against pegs and finally landing on one of the boxes at the bottom. You’ve heard of this before or even encountered this in online casino games, such as Crazy Time. Perhaps you’ve even heard of the game Plinko. If not, well, thank the heavens you’re here. 

“The Price is Right,” an American TV game show originally released in 1972, is the foundation of the Plinko game. This TV show comprised contestants and a host, and the contestants would guess the prices of merchandise to win prizes and cash. 

But in the Plinko casino game, there’s a vertical board with many pegs and boxes at the bottom. A funnel-shaped opening at the top of the board is where a small ball is dropped. This ball then travels down the Plinko board as it bounces off the pegs, making it difficult to predict where it will finally land at the bottom. It also adds plenty of tension for an enhanced gaming experience. 

As interesting as it sounds, it’s the bottom of the board that will leave your mouth gaping wide open. The slots will determine your payout. But this payout will vary depending on the game provider. Essentially, you’ll see what payouts await you since the board is labelled with the amount. These values decrease from the left to the middle and increase as they move towards the right. 

Plinko game facts

✅ Game Type: Arcade Game
⭐ Provider: Spribe, BGaming, Turbo Games etc.
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97% – 99%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Plonko interface

  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface

How to play Plinko game


Pick your preferred Plinko version

There are a few Plinko variations, based on the same ball-and-board principle. Choose the one that suits you best. 


Select a volatility level

Depending on your winning expectations and your risk preferences, adjust the game to the low, medium or high volatility.


Place a bet

Make a bet within the established limits. Mind that the games have a feature allowing one to release balls one by one, which can deplete your budget quickly.


Release the ball by clicking a button

Note that you cannot control the ball’s movement or where it will land. The ball will rest in a random slot, thereby determining your payout.

BGaming Plinko 

A total of 17 payout spots at the bottom of the board and 8 to 16 rows of pins characterise BGaming’s Plinko version. The payout slots change as you switch between the number of rows. This game has an RTP of 99%, and it adopts a minimalist design for easy navigation when playing. The starting bet in this version is only $1, while the ceiling is $100. 

Regarding gameplay, the BGaming version allows players to drop the ball using two methods. You can drop the ball using an auto-play feature, or you can use the old-school method of manually dropping it. The auto-play feature can be a useful tool when you want to play multiple times with the same bet amount since it allows up to 1000 consecutive ball drops. 

If you play using the maximum number of lines and engaging the High-risk feature, you can win up to 1000 times your original bet. This is the game’s maximum bet amount. If you play with the maximum bet amount ($100), you can bag a cool $100,000. 

Spribe Plinko

spribeUnlike the BGaming version, Spribe’s Plinko has a lower range of pins. Players can choose to play with between 12 to 16 pins. However, the maximum number of slots at the bottom of the board remains 17. But these slots will change based on the number of pins you activate. As for the bet sizes, this version is more accommodative, with players able to bet from as low as $0.10 per round to up to $100. 

The game has three risk levels, which will also determine the maximum amount you can win. These risk levels are represented by three coloured balls: Green, Yellow, and Red for low, medium, and high risk, respectively. These coloured balls translate to 35x, 118x, and 555x your bet for the payouts. Note that these are max payouts for each level. 

Like the BGaming version, you can drop the ball in two ways. That is done manually or through the auto-play feature. But unlike the BGaming version, you have fewer maximum consecutive ball drops, 500. You also have the option to choose one ball colour or a combination. Another feature in this version is setting stop profit or loss amounts. The maximum amount you can win is $10,000, which is lower than BGaming’s version. It also has an RTP of 97%. 

Plinko games RTP

✅ Plinko XY by BGaming 99.0%
✅ Turbo Plinko by Turbo games 99.0%
✅ Plinko by Spribe 97.0%
✅ Plinko by Gaming Corps 94.79%

Plinko game winnings

As explained earlier, the ball dropped from above and the slots at the bottom where the ball lands determine your payout. However, the ultimate payout depends on the version you play. If you choose the Spribe version, you will receive up to $10,000 as the maximum payout based on the 555x multiplier. 

If you choose to play the BGaming version, you stand to receive up to 1000x your initial bet. Using the maximum bet amount of $100, you can walk away with $100,000 as the maximum payout. 

Risk levels in Plinko games

We talked about the risk level earlier in the article. From that section, it’s clear that the risk level you choose affects the maximum amount you can win. Furthermore, it also determines how much you can wager since you don’t want to take on big risks if you don’t have the financial muscle to back it up. Both online Plinko versions have different levels of risk as explained below. 

BGaming Plinko volatility

When playing the BGaming Plinko game online, players are presented with three volatility levels. They are high, normal, and low. As you might have guessed, increasing the volatility level means you have fewer instances of hitting payouts. However, the best part is you stand to win bigger amounts. 

A drop-down menu on the game’s interface allows players to change the volatility level. As explained earlier, adjusting the volatility levels affects your bankroll and, ultimately, your betting strategy. Therefore, you must choose a volatility level that matches your preferences. 

Spribe Plinko volatility

High, medium, and low are the three volatility levels in the Spribe version. What’s interesting in this variant is how the studio decided to represent these levels. Players have three coloured balls, red, yellow, and green, representing each level, respectively. Choosing the low volatility will see you receive smaller payouts but quite frequently. 

On the other hand, if you opt to play at the highest volatility, you can expect bigger payouts, but they will be few and far in between. The sweet spot is medium, and engaging this level means you will strike a balance between payouts and how often they appear. 

Provably Fair experience in Plinko online game

Provably fair technology is based on blockchain technology. When implemented in casino games, it eliminates the need for third parties, making games transparent and ensuring game integrity through robust encryption. By eliminating third parties, players can independently verify the fairness of any result. BGaming and Spribe Plinko versions use this technology. 

You can click a button on the game’s interface to access the provably fair feature. There, you will see the cryptographic hash values of each round. These hash values are unique to the data imputed in its creation. 

Automatic mode in Plinko

One of the exciting features available in both Plinko versions is the Auto-play mode. Similar to setting a certain number of consecutive spins in a slot game, you can do the same in Plinko instead of manually setting a bet amount for every round. This feature can be useful if you want to take a break or play many rounds in a shorter period. 

Each game has different ways to access the feature. You can use the “autoplay” or “auto” button to activate the feature from the game’s interface. Clicking either button will show a window where you can adjust several settings. They include how many rounds you wish to play and the bet amount for the rounds, among other settings. Speaking of consecutive rounds, the lowest and the highest number of rounds you can set depends on your chosen version. However, they range between 10 and 1000 rounds. 

But Spribe’s version has more features than BGaming’s. For instance, you can set a stop-profit or stop-loss limit. The former will stop the auto-play mode when you hit a specified profit amount. On the other hand, the stop-loss amount is a figure set by the player that will disengage the auto-play mode once you’ve lost the specific amount. This feature is essential for players who want to stick to a budget. You can also stop the auto-play feature by clicking the “Stop” button. Alternatively, you can let the number of rounds you set to end. 

Plinko tips and tricks

While Plinko is a game of chance, which means you have no control over the outcome, you can increase your winning chances by implementing several tips and tricks. One of the common tips is to play the game for free to get a feeling of the game before you can play Plinko for real money. But before getting into these tips and tricks, remember that no strategy will guarantee winnings when playing Plinko. 

  • Set the minimum rows and risk level

    By keeping the rows and risk level at a minimum, you will minimise the impact of losing rounds. However, this will significantly increase your chances of returning to your bet value on every round if you place a sizeable bet amount. 

  • Setting the maximum rows

    In this strategy, you want to set the maximum number of rows and choose the highest risk level. But since this is a high-risk move, you want to keep your bet per round at a minimum to manage your overall bankroll. By doing this, you’ll take advantage of the highest win multipliers in the game to cash in big wins. 

  • Mix and match

    This strategy combines the first two moves to determine which will work best for you. By mixing and matching, you’ll use different risk levels, active rows, and bet levels at the beginning of every round. Of course, you want to use a bet amount you’re comfortable with to last as long as possible before depleting your bankroll. 

Play Plinko for free

Martingale strategy in Plinko

This strategy applies to several online casino games in New Zealand, including roulette. But you can also use it in Plinko. When playing this game, set the number of rows to a maximum and set the risk level to high. 

Next, choose a comfortable bet level that will allow you to stretch your bankroll for long. Now, the principle is simple. Every time you lose, you double the bet amount until you win at odds of at least 1.6. Remember, you have three risk levels, playing fields with different variations based on the number of pins and payout directions. Technically, you have three techniques you can use:

  • If the ball lands on a slot with a multiplier below 1x, it’s advisable to double the bet;
  • If the ball lands on a slot with multipliers of 1, 1.2, or 1.3, it’s advisable to maintain the same bet amount. That’s because to realise profits when using this strategy in Plinko, you have to win at least 1.6x;
  • If the ball lands on a slot with 1.6x and above, start playing with the initial bet amount.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s a danger when using the Martingale strategy. Doubling your bet after losing in every round can lead to a significant and rapid depletion of your bankroll if your losses accumulate. 


Plinko is an exciting game, especially since it takes after a popular TV game show. It’s no wonder the game is now gaining traction among New Zealand players. This game of chance epitomises tension as you watch the ball drop through the Plinko pegs and finally settle on one of the slots at the bottom of the board where multipliers await. With these multipliers, you can strike big wins, especially when playing BGaming’s version, where you can win up to $100,000 per round. 

While the game relies on nothing but chance, you can use some tips and tricks detailed on this page to increase your winning chances. But to play Plinko in New Zealand online casinos, you must choose a preferred site. You can do this by scrolling through our list of recommended operators by our experts. If you’re looking for something different in the online gambling space, Plinko is a worthy try to not only enjoy yourself but also win big along the way.

Plinko game FAQ

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a casino game that drew its inspiration from a popular TV game show titled “The Price is Right.” A player drops a ball from a funnel-shaped inlet, and it will drop as it bounces off various pegs before landing on one of several slots at the bottom of the board for the final payout.

How to play Plinko?

To start playing Plinko, you must pick a preferred bet size, drop the ball from the top of the board and wait to see where the ball will land for your final payout. You can choose from a wide range of bet sizes, which will determine your payouts. That’s it. Now, you wait to see where the ball will land.

How much can I win in Plinko?

Plinko is available in different versions based on the game provider. That means the amount you can win will differ. Furthermore, the game’s volatility alters the overall payout. Having said that, you can win a maximum of $10,000 when playing Spribe’s version and $100,000 when playing BGaming’s version.

Can I bet cryptocurrency in Plinko?

Yes. Cryptocurrencies are acceptable in many online casinos in New Zealand. These operators allow players to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among other cryptocurrencies. You can then use the deposited funds to play your preferred Plinko version.

Which Plinko is better: from BGaming or Spribe?

Either is better than the other. Instead, whether you choose to play BGaming or Spribe’s version depends on your preferences since each game comes with different unique features. The best way to find out which version suits your playing style is to play both.

Are there any Plinko strategies?

Plinko is a game of luck. That means your winnings are completely random, and you have no control over what you can win. However, you can implement several strategies, as detailed in this article, to increase your winning chances.